Friday, January 25, 2019

Shredder Updates

The coupler and shaft have been a big sticking point. I still haven't been able to locate clips to keep that shaft in place, but will be seeking some out ASAP. Currently the shaft works its way away from the shredder, to the point that it put pressure on the elastomer "spider" middle piece.

Squidgy spidey. I'll be getting a replacement. I don't think the metal parts have touched yet, but they will if I don't fix it.

Real quickly I'll go over another broken product I've been given. This was an old humidifier. I pulled it apart and unfortunately could not use ANY plastic from it!

They're all marked #7 "OTHER". Is it ABS? PC? PA6? No idea, and I'm not going to do a melt test just to figure it out. Bad design. What annoys me the most is that any of those plastic type abbreviations would have taken less effort to enter onto the part than "OTHER". At worst it would have take two fewer letters!

I ended up throwing the wiring, metal, and motor into my e-waste pile for recycling, so it's not all being landfilled.

Short video of the shredder and my bucket of polypropylene!

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