Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Praxis Plastics Demo's Locally!

 I suppose it was one month ago now, but time has been flying. I hauled my shredder over to Snow Mountain River who I'm partnered with, and put on a little demonstration for them.

It went well despite being a cold and windy February day on the mountain. I didn't get much shredding done, but was able to chat with several interested individuals. One of those individuals turned out to be Melissa Sevigny of our local NPR station, KNAU. She posted the nice, three minute long interview at the following link:

You may notice I added some needed structural elements to the lower part of the table. This helps keep it from twisting too much with the torque of that 1-1/2hp motor.

I'm also happy to report that though it's heavy, the shredder pulls pretty well on the bike trailer! It was only a two mile ride but included a few hills.

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