Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Flywheel + Freehub

I grabbed the 7 speed cassette and drilled the rivets out. Unstacked, this is how the pieces look. This means I can mix and match them! Since I am using a 28 tooth and a 14T, I only need those two and the small one that interlocks with the lockring. So I measured the stack of the others and made a spacer from some PVC pipe. I also made a spacer to hold the bearing in place. I added some bearing balls and a cone, and slapped it together.

The result is below:

 The big problem there was that there was not a lot of room there, so I grabbed a die and cut some deeper threads on the axle.

Yay! Taps and dies are strangely satisfying for me.

I reassembled the hub and tried it in the frame. Unfortunately the over locknut dimension of the hub is too wide for the frame. I can't make it any narrower, so I'll have to get the frame's flanges widened. I think when that happens I'll have them lowered as well because the wheel is a little difficult to install.

I'm very close to having this thing ready for welding. I think I have a pretty good road map right now for FINISHING this machine.

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