Monday, December 24, 2018

Motor Wiring and Shredding Table

 While I wait for the motor-to-shredder coupler (a Lovejoy coupler) to arrive at the machine shop, I stopped by at my mentor Wards' house to get help wiring the controller to the motor. The controller as an adjustable cutoff switch so I can make everything stop if the shredder binds up. Fancy.

I'm glad Ward knows what he's doing, because it's too much for me to make total sense of. Basically we are running power through an old extension cord, through the controller, and then through a reversing switch to give the motor the ability to run backward. I helped strip wires and stuff. He will poke around with it over the next couple weeks and I'll be back home to pick this stuff back up in early January.

This motor is a lot easier to haul by bike than the bike shredder! It pulls beautifully on my newly completed trailer.

And to house everything I made a table yesterday. Everything is used, repurposed, or just found in the trash, except for the screws. The paint cans show you roughly where the motor and gearbox will sit. The shredder will have a hole under it to drop plastic in a 5-gallon bucket, though the table fits two of them comfortably on a shelf made of trashed Ikea mattress support slats. The wheels and axle are from a Coleman barbecue grille so I can roll it around the garage and demonstrate it around town. I'm pretty happy with the table and will leave it unpainted to demonstrate what can be done with next to no money if you have access to tools. (Tools used: drill, screwdriver, Skil saw, miter saw, table saw, glue, clamps- although you could make it happen with just a hand drill/driver and hand saw and clamps)

There probably won't be more updates until January. I just want this to be done!

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