Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Shredder Plans Scrapped, Flipped!

This shredder cost way more than I was anticipating, and quite honestly I started with the wrong platform. It probably would have been easier to have the entire front half of the frame custom fabricated at this point.

The chain tension issues were more trouble than they were worth. We were looking down the barrel of moving the dropouts to the front of the frame, adding a shredder brace to the downtube, adding a bracket for a chain tensioner, adding another bracket for another chain tensioner, and then STILL not being confident that the flywheel would be heavy enough to not just stop when it plastic bunched up inside the shredder.

So I took the oven back over after having worked on it for a few days and took the shredder back home. If it were around town I would be tempted to use the bike trailer- in fact it's possible, if not fast. But the shop is eight miles away! It's ok. The truck needs exercise anyway.

The shredder came back with me. But not in a good way. I settled up with the shop and picked up THIS on the way home!

That's right. I'm cutting my losses. Sure, the bike might be workable within a few hundred dollars. But what if it isn't? What if I pour $600 more into it, and it still struggles? I'll shelve the bike shredder idea for a later date. With a custom front frame it might not be bad. I might even keep part of the old frame just in case.

For now, I want to do it the way everyone else has, and just start shredding.

PS- Here's a photo of the oven as it sits at the shop. I realize I didn't have a good photo of the front since the modifications. Next item for them is welding up a mold- and I still don't have a shredder.

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