Saturday, February 9, 2019

Shredder is operational

I finally got some retainer clips that fit the gearbox shaft (thank you McMaster Carr) so the shredder is working again!

Of course I promptly jammed the thing with some polypropylene. This jam was the worst yet. I pulled the mesh out of the bottom, chiseled at the jumbled up plastic, tried to pull it out by installing a screw and yanking it with a vice grip. Nothing.

So I decided to go with the nuclear option: partially disassembling the shredder. I pulled the bolts out of the spacers on the cutting side. The plastic was bunched up between the blade and the spacers.

With the spacers freed I was able to knock #4 down to let the plastic out. Then I straightened them out again and replaced the bolt. Good as new, but what a pain the butt.

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