Thursday, April 11, 2019

New Machines! Injection Molder and Extruder.

After a few missed shipments of the machines from Precious Plastic USA (not PPUSA's fault) I decided it would be easier to 'simply' drive down to Phoenix to pick them up myself. But my truck is broken for now, until I have time this summer to fix certain important things. So I borrowed my roommate's Ranger to make the drive down 5900' (1800m) in elevation and then back up. It ended up working alright and we made it back to Flagstaff with both machines for about $45 in fuel.

The injection molder mounts on the wall, with its frame built to line up with 16" spaced wall studs for easy mounting. You can see the control board is made from recycled plastic- cool! The giant lever is what you use to inject the plastic. For storage it locks straight up. I calculated that this machine can probably inject about 27 cubic inches (442 cc) of plastic based on its piston travel.

The extruder has its own modular table. You can see the motor and small gearbox on the right.

I have not had the chance to try out either of these yet, unfortunately. But the climbing holds will be made with the injection molder.

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