Thursday, April 11, 2019

Shredder Bracing & Some HIPS Flakes!

I noticed that the elastomer in my Lovejoy coupler kept shredding itself apart, and at $30 each I do not want to keep buying them every couple work days. It appeared that it was getting damaged when binding up, and that the motor/gearbox assembly was leaning itself away from the shredder, and actually bending the table top in doing so. The little 2x4 braces on the edges helped, but I needed a heavy duty solution.

So I built an upper frame to triangulate the top of the motor with the rest of the table. This makes working with the shredder (and clearing jams) more difficult, but so far it's helping the elastomer last longer because the motor can't move as much in relation to the shredder or the table.

In happy news, I've shredded very nearly all of my stockpiled HIPS (High Impact PolyStyrene) printer parts! This is probably 4 gallons of the 5 gallon bucket, and it's multi-colored black, grey, and white. I'm excited to make some sheets out of it ASAP.

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